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5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Campaign is More Relevant than Ever

1.    Facebook organic reach is at its lowest level 

At one point in time I was relying on my Facebook page to promote my writing services. It was effective back then as I have an organic reach of 200 to 300 people per post. Today, it’s just a sad looking page. If I don’t spend money for Facebook ads, there are only 10 to 15 people who I can reach with my status message. If only, I built my email list back then, then I would still be able to contact all those people who I have communicated with before and update them with regards to my offers and promotions on a weekly basis.

2.    Email Marketing simply works 

As long as you do things correctly, then you will have a lot of people signing up for your email list who are sincerely interested in your niche and what you have to offer. The important thing is that you don’t bombard them with sales talk through each of your emails. You have to provide something useful and beneficial to your list so that they can perceive you as someone who is an expert on your field. That way, by the time that you actually send out those sales letters they will have no hesitation to visit your site and purchase what you are offering. I suppose the key phrase here would be “be the solution, not the spam”.


3.    There are many email marketing campaign software that can help you 

The best thing about reaching your clients through this method is that you can actually automate it. There are a lot of Email Marketing Campaign Software that can send a welcome message to anyone who signs up to your list, then send your other articles two days later, a week after that, or depending on how you schedule your campaign. What this means is that you can actually have a set of emails prepared which will reach your subscribers at a certain time, depending on how many days or weeks they have been in your list. Of course, you can still send out regular emails whenever you want, but imagine the power of being able to do this. Suffice to say bulk email marketing software do not just send out thousands of emails at one point in time, but you can schedule these letters as you wish as well.

4.    It is totally legit and isn’t considered as spam 

As long as you got your list the right way and your subscribers know what they signed up for, then you are not another spammer in their email accounts. The important thing to remember is the majority of your emails shouldn’t be just about making sales, and that you don’t send out letters every single day. Most email marketing campaign software include a sentence inside your letter reminding your subscribers that they can opt-out of your newsletter whenever they want.

5.    Your campaigns can translate to a lot of sales, not just today but in the future as well 

With a well-targeted email list, you can have potential clients that will be able to receive your messages and promotional campaigns continuously. If you take care of your list and provide them with the solutions they are looking for, you will automatically be the person they will go to if they need a service or a product like yours. As trust is built, you can then offer them upgrades to your products later on, or perhaps alert them if you have something new that they will most likely purchase.

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