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Every Marketing Guru Knows This -Top 5 Data Visualization Tools

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is the presentation of information in a graphic or pictorial format. It is an effort to assist readers to comprehend the meaning of facts and figures in a visual way. Examples of data visualization include graphs, charts, diagrams, and maps. These infographics help readers interpret information with ease instantly. They likewise help readers identify key messages.

The extreme amount of information available to us has prompted many to work with data visualization tools since these present data in a more accessible manner. This is great for most people who appreciate information through graphs or charts, rather than endless texts or spreadsheets. For most people, raw facts and figures are uninteresting and hard to understand. Adding illustrations often makes information easy to grasp.

To help us with the challenging and time-consuming mission of creating appealing visual aids, I've listed the top 5 data visualization tools available today. This list is not arranged in any particular order.

1. D3.js - D3.js, also called Data Driven Documents, is a popular data visualization tool. It uses CSS,  HTML, and SVG to create appealing charts. D3 is powerful,  full of features, and beautifully designed. Most of its content is open-source and free. It doesn't have built-in charts, but offers a wide gallery of sample projects from other users. It is a good software for producing customized charts, too.

 2.  Chart.js - Chart.js is another popular open-source charting archive. It doesn't have a lot of diagrams to offer and is limited to six chart types (i.e. bar, line, pie, radar, doughnut, and polar). While it's only a handful, it's often enough for most small to medium projects and presentations. It applies HTML5 canvas element to make responsive charts that use a flat design. Chart.js is mostly applied to produce interactive interfaces and admin panels. This software is best for those who want to truly customize their charts.


3. Google Charts - This software delivers charts in HTML5/SVG format. It'scompatible across browsers and platforms such as iPhones and Android. It includes VML for older IE versions, too. Google Charts provides a good amount of charts and offers the most common types, such as area, pie, gauges, and bar. Carrying the Google brand also means it is user-friendly, easy to integrate, customizable, and free. It is best for big presentations or projects with elaborate chart requirements.

4. Leaflet - Leaflet is a mobile-ready, open-source library of interactive maps. It is lightweight at only 33kb but offers many functions to create any type of map. Using CSS3 and HTML5 to create maps, Leaflet functions across all mobile and desktop platforms. Its design principle follows performance, usability, and simplicity. It can be extended with plugins that can add features such as heatmaps, animated markers, and others. It has a user-frIiendly, well-documented, and well-designed API.

5. Timeline - This tool helps display events through timelines without the use of code. It is an open-source and free software used by popular websites. It employs a user-friendly four-step procedure to make timelines and can integrate media from various websites, such as YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, Google Maps, Twitter, and others.

There you go! I hope this offers you possible solutions for your infographic needs. Enjoy!
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