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The 9 Important Symptoms of Diabetes

 Diabetes Cure

Diabetes is a serious disease, and if not discovered early can lead to destruction of some organs inside the body and may even be fatal. This video explains the symptoms of Diabetes Type 2. I have summarized it below, just in case you wish to make sure that you don’t miss anything at all.

Early Symptoms of Diabetes type 2

  1. Frequent urination – Because of the high amount of glucose in your blood, your body frequently needs to urinate.
  2. Excessive thirst – due to frequent urination your body will feel thirsty.
  3. Weight Loss – this is due to a medical problem where your body doesn’t utilize protein very well, that is why your muscles are becoming thinner.
  4. Increase hunger – you may feel the need to eat more than usual.
  5.  Itchy skin and dark patches on the neck area.
  6. Slow healing – scars and wounds will take a lot more time to heal.
  7. Irritability and fatigue
  8. Blurry vision – the lens of your eyes can change because of high glucose levels
  9. Tingling and numbness on hands and feet

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